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Inspecting the Chicagoland area including Bartlett, Roselle, Bloomingdale, Schaumburg and Naperville
Over the years, I've taken many pictures. These are some of the more interesting ones that I've taken.
I like adding pictures to my reports. It helps you understand what you're looking at and it helps to answer a lot of questions from builders and realtors.

This is what happens when a male dog does
his business on the AC coil. Dog urine will
eat away the aluminum cooling fins.

This cedar shake roof needed to be replaced 
a couple of years ago.

This relatively new furnace has been severely 
neglected and needed to be replaced.

The masonry chimney is missing its flashing.
the roof on the building was recently replaced
and this detail was missed.

This is why I get on every roof that I can.
The white stuff is efflorescence. It's a white
powdery substance thats left behind when water 
moves through masonry and dries. There was
a problem with the flue liner for this fireplace.

One of my favorites. This AC condenser is 
covered with ivy. The cooling fins have to be 
kept clean and free of debris. 

This is how not to vent a dryer. The lint from 
the dryer can easily clog the flue. If this happens
the flue gasses will spill back into the living space.

What goes up, must come down. A bullet 
was found wedged into this roof.


Without a doubt, electrical problems are the
most common defect that I come across.
This is non-professional wiring in an attic.

This furnace flue was rotted through. Someone
tried to repair it with duct tape. Not a smart

This is a picture of a cesspool in the crawlspace.
The main waste line ruptured and was draining
waste water into the crawlspace.

This is one reason why I look into drop ceilings.
Again, more non-professional wiring.

This is how not to repair a plumbing leak.
This is a picture of electrical tape wrapped
around a 4" PVC waste line.

This 30amp electrical service panel was still
in use. This panel is out dated and a potential
safety concern.

There's always a use for those old garbage
can lids. The fan was still working, but the
original lid was long gone.
For this roof, I didn't know if I should
refer a roofing contractor or a landscaping

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Illinois State License#450.000207